Alexander Kluge:
News from Ideological Antiquity.
Marx – Eisenstein – Capital

Alexander Kluge was invited by Okwui Enwezor to participate in the 56th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia 2015. On this occasion German author and filmmaker Kluge has made a new montage of his text miniatures. Kluge’s method of text processing refers to Sergei Eisenstein’s method of story telling / dramaturgy. «Eisenstein says there is a second kind of linkage, which he calls spherical dramaturgy.» Institutions published this small book about references in form and content, a small book for those curious about Eisenstein, Marx and Marx’ «Capital». For the first time in english!

Munich 2015, 112 pp., with 12 illustrations, softcover
Design by Thomas Mayfried
ISBN 978-3-00-068897-3
8 Euro

In the crisis year of 1929, the year in which «Black Friday» happened in the month of October, Sergei Eistenstein pursued his plan to film Karl Marx’s CAPITAL. In his own manner of speaking he said he wanted to «cinematize» this work. James Joyce was to write the screenplay. The length of the film? Nothing under 6 hours. Eisenstein left documents regarding these matters. The project did not come to anything because neither the Central Committee in Moscow nor Hollywood, where he presented his plan, would give it the go-ahead. Karl Marx was born in 1818. Today he would be 197 years old. It is worth occasionally polishing and buffing up the tools and concepts he has bequeathed us. To use them in our everyday lives is as remote and unaccustomed to us as the acient world.

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Swantje Grundler & Thomas Mayfried